Kenneth Rijock

Kenneth Rijock

Tuesday, January 17, 2017


In what can only be regarded as utter arrogance, in the face of what should have been the last gasp of a scoundrel, the king of the Ponzi schemers, R Allen Stanford, whose Stanford International Bank ruined hundreds of lives, has filed a petition for rehearing, upon the US Supreme Court's denial of his Petition for a Writ of Certiorari. You may recall that his original cert petition, to the high court, was denied, without opinion, on November 28, 2016; his District Court conviction was affirmed by the Fifth Circuit, in his only appeal as a matter of right. US Supreme Court proceedings are discretionary with the Court.

Stanford, who is seeking to overturn his conviction, and 110-year sentence, lists grounds that most lawyers would decline to assert for fear that they might be disciplined, for arguing issues that have no basis in either fact or law, or are a good faith argument to overturn existing law. Does not the word hubris apply to Stanford in this proceeding ?

His issues:
(1) The pretrial civil seizure of his assets precluded him from retaining the counsel of his choice, in his Federal criminal case, and appointed counsel, who was overburdened, and his defense suffered as a result.
(2) Amazingly, Stanford also argued that he would receive true justice from a nine-person Court; cert in his case was denied by the existing eight-person Court. He actually  claimed that a future Trump appointee to the Court would insure justice in his case.

We trust that the justices of the Supreme Court will swiftly examine the petition, and render the appropriate decision, to add finality our coverage of this massive Ponzi scheme.

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