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Thursday, January 26, 2017


With Panama reeling from the (unofficial) naming & shaming of seventeen individuals who accepted millions of dollars inillicit bribes from Odebrecht, to approve lucrative government contracts, reliable sources have stated that there are an additional fifteen more Panamanians who will face charges, from the Special Anti-corruption Prosecutor, and the Attorney General of Panama.

The 15, who have not yet been publicly identified, will probably be privately warned in advance, to give them an opportunity to escape for the Dominican Republic, which now boasts a true rogues'   gallery of wanted Panamanians, many former government officials, including some who recently held positions at the ministerial level. As the level of corruption in the Dom Rep dwarfs even that of Panama, none of those people will be extradited to the Republic anytime soon.

The problem faced by the fifteen is that any assets they are forced to leave behind will be seized, at the first opportunity, by the corrupt officials that were not named, and who will take their places by default. Real estate will magically be transferred, through forged documents, and new millionaires will be born overnight. That is what we call business as usual in Panama City.

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