Tuesday, November 1, 2016


If you were wondering why Spanish prosecutors, in the Canary Islands, continue to detain Vladimir Kokorev, and his family, in a local prison, after one year in custody, allegedly as material witnesses, supposedly facing money laundering charges, which are barred by the Statute of Limitation, and disposed of years ago, a recent case may provide the clues, and it points to an illegal course of conduct, by the anti-corruption prosecutor, to seize assets, for the Spanish government.

Earlier this year, after a massive trial, in Madrid, thirteen defendants, twelve of whom were italian nationals, who were hotel owners, residing in Spain, were all acquitted. There simply was insufficient evidence to convict, and the primary tool of the prosecutors was a police report that arrogantly assumed that income of the targets was illegally obtained, and laundered, but the only "evidence" consisted of uncorroborated statements of convicted felons. Curiously, only €150,000 were allegedly laundered;  It  makes no sense. For more details, please note that the Spanish media has extensively covered the case, though has generally not commented upon the theory that it, and others, were brought in bad faith, to steal assets.

The defendants spent three and a half years in pre-trial confinement, and much of their assets were auctioned off, and gone forever. Note that, even when the Court ordered that their assets and property be returned to them, it has not occurred. They were al acquitted; one defendant was adjudicated on gun possession charges. He was the only one convicted of anything and t was unrelated to the money laundering case.

Observers in the Canaries believe that both the local Tenerife anti-corruption prosecutor's office, and the Courts, are using bogus money laundering prosecutions to accumulate assets through seizure proceedings, targeting individuals and groups that may have a dark background, believing that they will not contest the forfeitures, while being preoccupied with pending serious criminal charges, which were filed solely to seize assets.

If this is truly the case, then Vladimir Kokorev, and those members of his immediate family who are also incarcerated, without trial, may also be victims of this corrupt criminal justice system. Such cases violate their human rights, as well as their right to confront their accusers, and to a speedy trial. Kokorev should be ordered released, by the Madrid High Court, forthwith. To do otherwise is unjust.

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