Monday, November 7, 2016


Recently, I was advised by Google that they had taken down one of my blog articles, as it violated the copyright of another blogger. it was a 2013 article, and the other article, dated just prior to mine, had exactly the same content, and the same photographs. As you know, I write all my own material, always have, on this blog, and previously on World-Check and Complinet. I had no idea what had happened.

Today, the same hackers tried the same thing, with a website that republishes my financial crime articles, alleging that it was the copyrighted content of the claimant,
WORLD INFO REPORT  The problem is: it is MY ARTICLE from 2013, entitled Government Files Motion in Limine in El Paso Money Laundering case against Prominent Attorney, dated March 23, 2013. I have the sole rights, and anyone who says the article is his is a liar and a perjurer; one must file a sworn statement to claim rights to internet content, and the claimant broke Canadian law.

What these hackers/fraudsters had done was steal my article, back-date it to March 20, 2013, and publish it on their totally bogus website. the author calls himself Tom Mathews.
Afterwards, they claimed copyright, alleging that they are but young students with a blog We call that fraud, both in cyberspace, and in the real world.

A check of shows a tiny archive, which only includes articles these hackers use to try to shut down the website. There are no other, authentic, legitimate articles.  Remember, if you have multiple copyright complaints against your blog, where theft of content is repeatedly alleged, the ISP can shut down your blog. That is the aim of the hackers at World Info Report. They file multiple complaints, and hope the victims will not realize that it is a total scam.

Obviously, someone does not want me to continue to publish, and have republished, all over the world wide web, my financial crime articles. That is why they are looking to have me, and my associated blogs, cited, punished, and ultimately, banned from the Internet. I will identify the perpetrator and his  company in a future article, and the corporation paying the hackers. You can expect to see photographs.

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