Monday, November 14, 2016


A Colombian criminal court judge in Bogotá has reportedly asked that a request be made, to the United States, to extradite master Pyramid/ Ponzi schemer David Eduardo Helmut Murcia Guzmán, when his prison sentence ends, supposedly in 2019. Murcia's 30-year sentence, which he did not serve, was reduced to 22 years in appeal, but he still owes that debt to Colombia. An estimated 350,000 Colombians lost their money, through Murcia's vastly popular (criminal) enterprise, known as DMG, though some observers attribute their losses to improper actions taken by the Governments of Colombia and Panama. Murcia still has a major following in Colombia, notwithstanding the fraud.

Colombia's problem is this: it is believed that Murcia is not longer in Federal custody, and that he was quietly released, after providing substantial assistance to law enforcement agencies of the United States. He is said to have entered some sort of witness protection (WitSec?) program, and he has not been listed as being in US Bureau of Prisons custody for some time.

Details of his case have never ben released to the public, but he is said to have padded  DMG proceeds with two to three billion dollars of drug profits of the FARC, which he was allegedly laundering in Panama, through local banks, and in real estate. If he did supply the details of his contacts with the FARC to US law enforcement, it may have been the reason for the subsequent favorable treatment that he received, and why he never served his full sentence. Do not expect the US Government to assist Colombia in recovering Murcia, in my humble opinion.

Some Panama sources claim that he has already begun a quiet campaign to recover some of the millions of dollars of real estate holdings, which were stolen from him, when he was summarily deported from Panama, allegedly upon the direct orders of then-President, Ricardo Martinelli, who associates had designs upon Murcia's Panamanian assets. Much of Murcia's real estate wealth was stolen by fraudster Gary James Lundgren, who had purchased much of the real property for him, in the name of bearer share corporations, which are extremely easy to appropriate, using forged instruments, and bribed notary publics. Lundgren laundered bulk cash for Murcia, through purchases of real estate.

Gary James Lundgren
Will David Murcia ever recover his stolen millions in Panama ? We cannot say, but the unfolding story of his efforts will certainly be interesting to watch; Stay tuned.

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