Sunday, November 13, 2016


Christopher Brenner, one of a pair of predatory lawyers who fleeced investors, in an advance fee scheme that later morphed into a Ponzi scheme, and who is being sued by the Securities & Exchange Commission, in Federal Court* in New York, is claiming that venue is proper only in Colorado, where  his clients' scheme, to steal fees and not deliver loans, and his former law office, operated.

Brenner, and his co-defendant, Jay Mac Rust, are two Texas lawyers who promised to place client fees in their escrow accounts, but, along with their clients, known as Atlantic Rim Funding, stole millions from companies who needed financing, get my vote for the title of Most Despicable Lawyers in America, if there ever was such a contest. In addition to this scam, Rust was a major player in a massive patent troll scheme, where he attempted to intimidate small businesses in to paying outrageous fees, for bogus patent claims of Rust's corporations. Both of these lawyers destroyed businesses, and lives, through their fraudulent acts, hence their targeting by the securities regulator.

Jay Mac Rust, cowboy, attorney & advance fee fraudster & rustler
Brenner's position, that the case must be moved, is being hotly contested by the SEC, which correctly has asserted that, since a stockbroker handled stolen money, in Brenner's law firm operating (not escrow) account, and paid out to Brenner, on his demand, venue is proper in the Southern District of New York . The Court has not yet ruled, but Brenner failed to respond to the SEC reply, and the law appears to favor the plaintiff agency. We will advise when a decision has been handed down.
* Securities & Exchange Commission, vs. Jay Mac Rust and Christopher K. Brenner, Case No.: 1:16-cv-03573 (SD NY).

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