Tuesday, November 15, 2016


The anti-corruption prosecutors in Spain's Canary Islands, who have been illegally holding Vladimir Kokorev, his wife and son, for more than one year, on a bogus material witness warrant, have outdone themselves. They have now declared that the entire investigative file is a State Secret, and it cannot be examined by anyone, not even defense counsel. Has Spain now become a banana republic ?

The case, which is the principal reason that I have personally raised the level of Country Risk, upon Spain, in my records, is not the only Canary Islands case, where foreign nationals are incarcerated at length, without trial or hearing, and their assets are seized or forfeited to the Government of Spain. Spanish business interests, unhappy because its former colony, Equatorial Guinea, chose American oil companies to develop their country's petrochemical industry, have created a kangaroo court in Tenerife, for the sole purpose of removing EGs current President Obiang, and replace him with a new administration that will allow Spanish interests to exploit their former colony all over again, but this time, for oil.

The money laundering investigation against Vladimir Kokorev is a politically motivated case, with no basis in fact. It is a violation of human rights.

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