Tuesday, November 15, 2016


Lost in the shuffle, in recent years, as the American economy rebounded from the crisis that it experienced a couple of years ago, is the exposure of sharp bank lending practices, that often crossed the line into fraud, whether it be fraud upon the court, or fraud upon the borrower. Most of these cases involved misconduct that was discovered during contested foreclosure proceedings.

I am presently reviewing a case, pending in one of Florida's District Courts of Appeal, where a number of the pressing lender misconduct violations are present, and appear as issues presented on appeal. Taken as only one example of the rampant lender misconduct that never shows up in major media, the case will analyze the principal points that we need to address, lest more illegal or improper foreclosure actions divest property owners of their realty, and commercial banks get away with it.

While most readers might wonder why I choose to cover this topic on a financial crime blog, rest assured that these are criminal actions, that deserve to be covered here; watch for it here shortly.

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