Saturday, November 5, 2016


If you were looking for yet another reason to totally ignore any UN publications, when searching for facts in your research, during compliance due diligence inquiries, or making Country Risk assessments, UNESCO, the United Nations agency that recently disqualified itself as a finder of fact, when ruling that Jerusalem's Temple Mount had no connection to either Christianity or Judaism, has totally fallen off the world of historical accuracy. It is actually contemplating a request, from the Palestinian Authority, to assist it in obtaining possession of the Dead Sea Scrolls, said to be the most significant archaeological manuscript discovery of the twentieth century.

For those unfamiliar with the Dead Sea Scrolls, they contain major parts of the oldest known versions of the Bible (Old Testament), among 1400 original documents, some of which date to 250BC. The Bible segments appear in Hebrew, Aramaic and Greek, and most currently reside in museums, in Israel, and elsewhere. They provide a window into both Judaism of the period, and the development of religious thought during the life of Christ.

The Palestinian claim, which purportedly relates to the fact that they were discovered in caves near the Dead Sea, which will supposedly be part of any future Palestinian state, ignores the fact that they have no historical or religious connection to Palestinians, who are ethnically Arabs who migrated to the region, centuries, or even millennia, after the time period in which they were written. To demand such historical treasures, when there is no legitimate historical or legal claim to them, is a dishonest attempt to change both history and truth; Are they serious ?

Also, the entire area of Israel, including Judea & Samaria (a/k/a the West Bank) was assigned to the Jewish People, by both the Balfour Declaration, and the Treaty of San Remo, as adopted by the United Nations, when it was formed, and any Palestinian claim, based on territory, has no basis in fact or law.

If the United Nations' members, who are dictatorships, and not democracies, continue to try to change history, through UN agencies and offices, then we can no longer feel confident that any information issued by the UN can be trusted to be the objective truth, and not a twisting of the facts for political purposes.

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