Sunday, November 20, 2016


The corrupt government of president Juan Carlos Varela, in the Republic of Panama, is not lifting a finger to close up the law firm of Mossack and Fonseca, notwithstanding the clear evidence of massive and systemic tax evasion facilitation, and money laundering. Therefore, countries who want to remove MF's illegal operation from their own jurisdiction, would do well to hit it where it hurts: by arresting the sleazy staff members working there.

Remember, Mossack Fonseca satellite offices overseas are operated by non-lawyers, and slippery attorneys who have been disbarred or disciplines by their state bar associations, or Provincial law societies. These individuals seeks to evade the control of professional associations, by being not duly licensed and qualified to practice law, even though that is precisely what they are doing, which is Mossack's achilles tendon.

When an individual counsels you on tax law, corporate law, and "asset protection," he or she is dispensing legal advice, which is the exclusive territory of licensed attorneys at law.  Do not claim that it is merely providing a non-legal service, SeƱores Mossack y Fonseca, for your overseas staff members are actually practicing law.

Therefore, in light of the fact that unauthorized practice of law, and holding one's self out as qualified to give legal advice, and thus an attorney, is a felony in most civilized jurisdictions, arrest these Mossack Fonseca legal pirates, and shutter their offices, after seizing all the files as a search incident to arrest. Put Mossack Fonseca out of business, in its Panama City sanctuary, by terminating all their overseas branches and offices.  

Put the pirates in the brig, please.

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