Tuesday, July 21, 2015


Kimberly Rothstein, the trophy wife of Fort Lauderdale Attorney/Ponzi schemer Scott Rothstein, obtained a final judgment of dissolution of marriage from her husband yesterday. The proceedings were delayed for two years, because Rothstein is in a form of protected custody, and she was unable to serve him with the petition. He was ultimately defaulted, and did not appear at the final hearing.

Scott Rothstein, who is serving a 50-year Federal sentence, for operating a billion dollar scheme that involved the purchase of settlements in non-existent whistle blower, sexual harassment, and discrimination lawsuits, is being protected, not because of the enmity of his victims, but because he participated in a government sting operation, targeting individuals believed to be connected to organized crime, and his personal safety is an issue.  

Mrs. Rothstein's request to have her maiden name, Wendell, restored to her, which is a normal in dissolutions, was denied , for she is serving two years of Supervised Release, the modern form of post-incarceration probation, under her married name. She served fifteen months of an eighteen month sentence, for seeking to hide from the Receiver, and later sell, valuable jewelry purchased by Scott Rothstein with the proceeds of crime.

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