Friday, July 3, 2015


Gary James Lundgren, the expat American fraudster who is believed to be the intellectual author of the Financial Pacific/Petaquilla Mining insider trading scandal, attempted this week to shut down a Panamanian website that has featured a number of articles written by your blogger, incriminating him, offering details of several criminal and civil cases, pending against him.  Lundgren, who sometimes calls himself Gary Lundgren, has previously threatened this blogger and his campaign against Lundgren, who has victimized a large number of Canadian and American  expatriates living in the Republic of Panama.

Offering victims an astounding eight per cent per month on their investments with him, Lundgren has now reportedly been unable to make interest payments to his clients, and is refusing to meet with them, or even come to the door of his Panama City office. Notwithstanding his representations, Lundgren has no securities license in Panama, nor do any of the Panama corporations that he controls.

Lundgren is said to be presently under investigation, by the Securities & Exchange Commission in the US, as well as the Internal Revenue Service, and also by the Anti-Corruption Prosecutor in Panama, and certain Canadian government agencies.

David Murcia
Additionally, his role in laundering a huge amount of Ponzi proceeds, as well as narcotics profits, who took the form of bulk cash smuggled into Panama, of convicted Ponzi schemer, David Eduardo Helmut Murcia Guzmán, continues to be investigated, as some of that cash is believed to have ended up as seed money for insider trading in Petaquilla stock.

We shall continue to report on Mr. Lundgren.


  1. Who doesnt know in Panama that ludgren and his wife ( former Murcias mistress) retained for themselves all his property in trump ocean club, global bank, centurybtower, and a nice Ferrari currebtly hidden at Chichaco ferrari shop in panama

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