Wednesday, July 1, 2015


Dr. Arthur Porter

Dr. Arthur Porter, a prominent Canadian physician, who was accused of diverting tens of millions of dollars, in a major hospital bribery scandal, has died, while in custody, in the Republic of Panama. The back story, of his unnecessary and untimely death, paints an ugly and disgusting picture of the avarice of Panama's leading banks, who reportedly maneuvered to delay his extradition. The purpose of the delay was to ensure that he would expire in Panama, having large accounts in local banks, which the banks intended to seize and convert to their own use. Porter was allegedly involved in a $22.5m kickback scheme in Canada.

Mr. Porter, who was formerly the chairman of the Intelligence Review Committee, overseeing CSIS, Canada's intelligence agency, had terminal lung cancer, when he was detained in Panama in 2013. It has been widely reported in Panama City, that bank executives, at those Panamanian financial institutions where Porter kept large accounts, conspired to pressure local prosecutors, under the corrupt former Martinelli administration, to delay his extradition indefinitely, for the sole purposes of retaining it after his premature death, due to the criminal denial of treatment for Porter. The deceased, who passed away on July 1st, is said to have suffered greatly in jail;  he could have survived for a long period of time, had he been allowed to return to Canada, to face the charges, and be treated for his illness.

The vulture-like attitude of Porter's Panamanian bankers, which has shocked even the most hardened Panama observers, is indicative of the absolutely amoral culture that exists among the most senior bankers in Panama. Whether those individuals whose improper influence resulted in Porter's mistreatment and excessive period of incarceration, when he had already waived any defenses, and asked to be extradited, receive justice for their crimes, is another matter.   


  1. Well in Panama anything can happen, as an example Panama Government has given safe haven to VLADIMIR KOKOREV , IGOR KOKOREV and YULIA KOKOREV , WHOM MEDIA SOURCES REPORT FLEED SPAIN UNDER FEAR OF PROSECUTION

  2. Pues si ha sabido manejar a todo un presidente de una nación como Guinea
    los demás para el son pan comido. Algún día caerá y no le dará tiempo levantarse.Me he quedado de piedra cuando he leido que el abogado que les asistió en Las Palmas
    fue el teniente fiscal de Las Palmas hoy retirado Vicente Reig. Me imagino que alguien
    se lo trajo como clientes y el le cobraría lo que "estimó".....
    El grupo de delitos económicos será quién dirige esto en Las Palmas.
    Entiendo la arrogancia con tanto dinero sobre sus espaldas....

  3. pero Vladimir e Igor Kokorev ellos allí están porque han salido huyendo de España y seguro como lleguen aquí los van a pillar.... La Policía española es muy eficaz y tiene en la UDYCO gente muy preparada. Así que más les vale que no caigan en sus manos y sigan escondidos
    por esas tierras.

  4. VLADIMIR KOKOREV, has put a price on panama attorneys head, so has been said by MARIA ELENA JURADO ( her matosi style lawyer , who has been deprived of a USA visa) , he cant enter spain, she can enter USA for agravated fraud against Florida Hospital, and most liklely he will be kicked out of Panama as well, CONSEJO DE SEGURIDAD IS REVISING HIS CASE

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