Friday, July 31, 2015


David Eduardo Helmut Murcia Guzmán, the man whom millions of Colombians looked upon as a financial genius who could make them money at DMG, is looking for payback. Murcia reportedly invested millions of dollars in DMG funds with Ricardo Martinelli, Gary James Lundgren, and Gabriel Btesh, among others, and all of the cash, Panama real estate, yachts, luxury cars, and other assets, were stolen from him when the government of Panama abruptly deported him to Colombia. Martinelli, Lundgren and Betesh had been entrusted with custody of Murcia's assets, and allegedly converted them to their own use.

His Colombian conviction may have been tainted. Though Murcia was convicted in Colombia, and sentenced to 30 years imprisonment, the Supreme Court of Justice of Colombia this week ruled that Murcia was denied due process, and has agree to take a new look at his case, and his sentence.

Murcia, who has been seen in the United States, is believed to be in some sort of WitSec, or witness protection program that permitted him early release from prison. It is not known what the extent of his relationship with US law enforcement is, but reports have come in confirming that he is making preparations to recover the condominiums purchased on his behalf, and titled in the name of shell corporations with bearer shares, that were taken over by several Panamanian businessmen after his deportation, which some observers believe was conducted expressly for the purposes of stealing his assets.

Where are these individuals now ?

(1) Ex-president Ricardo Martinelli fled Panama months ago, as the corruption probe against him heated up. He is believed to be in hiding in Paraguay, though his lawyers and party members assert that he is in the United States. The whereabouts of the bulk cash delivered to him at his Super 99 markets is unknown. He was involved in the PAN scandal, the Financial Pacific scandal, the illegal surveillance program, and many other criminal violations.

(2) Gabriel Betesh a/k/a Btesh has left Panama, permanently, some say, and now resides in Israel. He is thought to still control a significant segment of Murcia's real estate holdings. He has been linked to Panama's PAN scandal.

(3) Gary James Lundgren is in isolation somewhere within his office complex; he refuses to come forward to meet clients and creditors, and sources advise that he fears kidnapping or assassination. He still controls a huge portion of Murcia's real estate empire. Lundgren is reportedly under criminal investigation in the United States. Will he be extradited to face charges in the United States ?

Will Murcia now take legal action to recover his property, or employ some other method ? We cannot say, but we will be watching.

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