Friday, July 17, 2015


The mass media appears to have tactfully avoided it, but the fact remains that the shooter, while he may have been born in Kuwait, was of Palestinian origin, and his father had previously been under investigation, in the US, for ties to an unnamed terrorist organization, which most likely was Hamas. Abdulazeez' father, who was born in Nablus, in the West Bank, is from a city under strong Hamas influence. Is the father of the shooter a Hamas member ? US intelligence services, and law enforcement agencies, certainly know the answer to that question, but they are pointedly not sharing that with the American public. If this is an exercise in political correctness, so as not to raise anti-American feelings in the countries of the Middle East, it could result in a failure to take subsequent measures, within the United States, to prevent future attacks by terrorist agents living here.

Readers who think the shooter was from Kuwait may need a history lesson; Palestinians had a large contingent in Kuwait, but most of them were expelled by the Kuwaiti government in 1991, as the consequence of the fact that the PLO had supported the Iraqi invasion, and occupation, of Kuwait in 1990. Abdulazeez is believed to have been born in 1990, in Kuwait, but spent several years in Jordan, which has an estimated 60-80% Palestinian population.

A Middle Eastern watchdog organization today published excerpts from Abdulazeez' recent blog entries, which were radical, even morbid, Islamist statements, extolling the virtues of the afterlife, and of Jihad, or holy war. The timing of the attacks, coming upon the last day of an annual religious observance, cannot be a coincidence.

Both the Palestinian Authority, and Israel, have recently arrested hundreds of reputed Hamas members in the West Bank, and inside Israel itself, as there is a clear and present danger that these agents intend to commit terrorist acts, both in Israel, and in the West Bank. The Hamas headquarters in Turkey is believed to be directing the actions of these individuals.

A trusted Syrian source has stated that the Hamas leadership has placed what can only be described as "sleeper agents" inside the United States, for future use in terrorist acts on American soil. This information, though unconfirmed, could explain yesterday's attacks.  

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