Kenneth Rijock

Kenneth Rijock

Monday, July 20, 2015


The National Assembly of the Republic of Panama, the country's legislative body, is rife with rumors that there are pending investigations of a large number of its Deputies. Reliable sources within Panama report that many Deputies, who received funds for the electoral process last year, absconded with those funds, and that there has not been any accountability, due to the universal nature of the thefts.

The current anti-corruption wave of investigations in Panama, which has resulted in Supreme Court resignations and indictments, and criminal charges against senior government officials, including former ministers, may now extend to the rank-and-file Deputies in the National Assembly, which is an indication of the systemic corruption that pervades government in the Republic.

The question on the lips of Panamanians: can the nation attract, and hold, government officials, and staff members  who will not be mesmerized by the lure of easy money, obtained through corrupt activities.

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