Monday, January 26, 2015


If you are not keeping up with economic developments in Venezuela; here's where it is as of this morning:

(1) the Parallel (unofficial) currency market rate today is operating just under 185 Bolivars to one US Dollar (USD$).
(2) Venezuelan crude oil is selling at $39 a barrel.
(3) Inflation, at the present rate, is at 63.6%.

We have already recommended that, for Country Risk purposes, Venezuela has passed the point where new foreign investment should not be made, for it represents an unacceptable level of risk. Now, it is time for foreign financial institutions or investors to liquidate, or otherwise dispose of, any financial exposure there, lest you suffer a total loss if the economy collapses.

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  1. Ever since the "pro-arepa" issue, I`ve been enjoying each your articles from these bunch of cheap thugs. Surprised, though, no new hot developments have risen up in your blog. Keep it up !!


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