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Friday, January 23, 2015


Attorney Delgado in custody.

The Eleventh Circuit Court of Appeals has indicated that it intends to schedule Oral Argument in the money laundering case of Marco Antonio Delgado, the prominent El Paso attorney who, while cooperating with law enforcement after his money laundering operation was discovered, betrayed his handlers by continuing to engage in criminal activity*. This appeal is from his conviction for money laundering in the original case.

The issues on appeal turn on whether the District court committed error in these findings:

(1) Delgado conspired to launder more than $400,000.
(2) Appellant was in the business of laundering funds.
(3) Appellant, as an attorney, abused a position of trust to facilitate his money laundering business.
(4) He was properly assessed a four-level aggravated role adjustment, for his supervisory & leadership role.

Oral Argument has been tentatively set for March, 2015.
* if you are not familiar with this case, there are a number of articles on this blog in the Archives. Type the appellant's name into the search boxes on top of the page, or on the right-hand-side, to access them.

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  1. He won his appeal! Way to Montalvo, another great result based on your actions.


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