Saturday, January 24, 2015


Panamanian investigators looking into the finances of disgraced former Supreme Court Judge Alejandro Moncada Luna have located additional cash on deposit in Panama City banks. The total illicit wealth found to date is over $4.4m, all of which is believed to have been bribes paid to influence his rulings when he sat on the Supreme Court of Justice.

The banks were the money was found have not been publicly identified, though it has been established that the money was deposited without any Source of Funds information, by a public servant with a small annual salary and income. Were bankers bribes ti look the other way ? That seems to be the general consensus of opinion, and you can assume that those banks and bankers are also under investigation.

Why do we assume a bribe was paid to insure that the large illicit deposits were accepted ? Any ordinary Panamanian national who seeks to deposit as little as $1000, in cash, into his account, find himself the subject of an extensive inquiry at the bank. When it comes to Panama's corrupt PEPs, their money speaks with a loud voice in Panama City financial institutions.

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