Wednesday, January 28, 2015


Today, Panama's Supreme Court of Justice revoked the immunity of its former President, Ricardo Martinelli, paving the way for his ultimate criminal prosecution on Corruption, Abuse of Power, and Money Laundering charges, among others*. Martinelli literally ran to the Central American Parliament when he left office, to be sworn in as a delegate, and thereby receive a grant of immunity, but it exists only under the law of the recipient's jurisdiction, and Panama's highest court has the sole authority to revoke it, which occurred late this afternoon.

Where is Il Duce now ? He was spotted in Guatemala, but is rumored to be heading for Paraguay, where he reportedly intends to live, and where extradition may prove difficult. Of course, should Italy finally get around to charging him with accepting millions of dollars in kickbacks, from government-owned Italian corporations, Italian prosecutors may get first crack at him.
* Martinelli is suspected of ordering a number of murders in Panama, and he has directly threatened a number of the potential witnesses against him with death, both to them, and their families, should they testify against him, and let's not forget the Petaquilla Mining Ltd. insider trading scandal where Martinelli, and his ministers,  employed non-public information to illegally make millions of dollars. He is also deeply involved in the theft of literally billions of dollars, in cash and realty, from David Murcia Guzm├ín (DMG). 

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