Sunday, January 25, 2015


As additional criminal charges are filed against senior government officials from the former Martinelli government, the question arises: will the investigations turn up the over $3bn, which was smuggled into Panama by speedboats, at the direction of David Eduardo Helmut Murcia Guzm├ín, and never recovered ? Murcia, the Colombian Pyramid/Ponzi Schemer, whose prepaid card program fleeced thousand of victims in several countries, left his illicit fortune in Panama when he was extradited.  Where is it ?

Added to the mystery is the relationship between Murcia and the Autodefensas, the Colombian Paramilitary organization; it is alleged that Murcia was laundering their narcotics profits, co-mingling them with his Ponzi profits. How much of the three billion was drug money ?

We do know that a substantial portion of the Murcia cash was used, by Martinelli and his ministers, to purchase Petaquilla Mining Ltd. Securities, in a massive insider trading fraud, and Martinelli's Super 99 supermarket chain was a suspected participant in the laundering process. Did Martinelli store most of Murcia's cash, and later transport it to Financial Pacific ?

Lastly, a close associate of both Martinelli and David Murcia was the American businessman, Gary James Lundgren, who Panama insiders now say has missed payments to his investors, and is currently missing from Panama City. Will a review of his finances result in the exposure of some of the Murcia money ?

It's hard to hide billions; we expect that, incidental to the multiple investigations presently ongoing in Panama, some of the missing Murcia money will finally see the light of day.  

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