Friday, January 23, 2015


Several individuals who are potential witnesses in the expanding corruption and insider trading investigations in the Republic of Panama have stated that they have been threatened with death, should they testify against the ministers, agency heads, and other government officials who stole from the public treasury, accepted bribes & kickbacks, or received illegal securities profits obtained by illegal access to inside non-public information.*The witnesses have also reported that their families have also been threatened with death, should the witnesses give sworn statements.

Some of the witnesses are already in custody, and fear being murdered in prison. The consensus is that the threats originate from former President Ricardo Martinelli, and his supporters, and a recent assassination in Panama has increased the credibility of such threats. Martinelli himself has stated that he intends to return to power, either through the ballot box, or through a violent takeover of the country and its government, and more Panama observers are now taking his threat seriously.
* The Financial Pacific scandal, involving the purchase and subsequent sale of Petaquilla Mines Ltd. stock,  reportedly using inside information obtained from Ricardo Martinelli, who also made illicit profits.

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