Thursday, January 1, 2015


Territory under Boko Haram control
Nigeria's President, Goodluck Jonathan, swears that his country will defeat the radical Islamist terrorist organization, Boko Haram, but he's talking out of his hat. BH bombings of the civilian population have increased, there has been a new travel ban imposed on two Northern provinces, on top of the state of emergency, and the Nigerian military is presently unable to defeat Boko Hamas on the field of battle, at times even refusing to engage the enemy. BH is continually expanding its territory, taking prisoners, and infiltrating the Army and the government.

A number of experts, including American general officers, with command responsibilities in the region, have tactfully stated that the Nigerian Army is incapable of inflicting defeat upon Boko Haram, including the commander of AFRICOM*. There are reports that critical military supplies, including arms and ammunition, are diverted from the combat zone, due to Nigeria's rampant corruption. Nigerian commanders, and PEPs, steal funds intended to fight BH, and pocket the money.

Under the circumstances, the risk levels regarding Nigeria, already at elevated levels, must now be increased again. Kindly consider raising Country Risk for Nigeria at this time, and examine your bank clients', and your own, present financial exposure.
*The United States Army Africa Command, which advises, and supplies some equipment to, the Nigerian Army.


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