Monday, January 19, 2015


ISIS/ISIL supporters in Gaza burn the French flag
What you are seeing is ISIS/ISIL conducting an an anti-French and anti-Christian demonstration outside the French Cultural Center in Gaza. Obviously, the demonstration had the approval of Hamas, for it was permitted to take place; The french Tricolor was openly burned, and anti-Christian slogans chanted, leaving there no doubt as to the intent of the demonstrators, who openly supported the radical Islamic terrorists who committed murder in Paris recently.

ISIS/ISIL supporters in the West Bank* are being actively sought out by Israeli law enforcement authorities. Inasmuch as ISIS/ISIL has been sanctioned by OFAC for several years, any financial transaction between a Western bank, and banks in the Territories, could be a part of a terrorist financing scheme, and the United States has taken an extremely strong enforcement position regarding ISIS/ISIL.

Is is suggested that any and all financial transactions, with, to, through, or for, West Bank or Gaza recipients not be authorized, unless an enhanced due diligence investigation is performed, and any possibility that the transaction constitutes terrorist financing is ruled out. To do any less is not prudent compliance.
* A visit, by the Canadian Foreign Minister, to the Palestinian Authority offices in Ramallah this week, was cut short when Palestinian protestors threw eggs and shoes at the official, and his staff. 

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