Monday, January 12, 2015


Notwithstanding the Second Circuit's warning that appellant Richard Chichakli will have his appeal dismissed on the 20th, unless someone filed a Notice of Appearance and Certificate, there has been no such filing. he has also not sought to expand the Record on Appeal through the District Court, as required. I know because I have just now checked.

 Who is drafting his pleadings, anyway ? Whomever it is, they apparently do not know what they are doing. Perhaps it is time for him to bring in a real lawyer on the appeal.

Chichakli filed TWO separate Notices of Appeal from the trial court's decision. They were filed on different days, eliminating the possibility that it was merely a clerical error. The Court has chosen to regard the second one as a duplicate filing.

Personally, I would really like this appeal to survive long enough so that we can see the initial brief, from Chichakli's previous filings promise heretofore unknown about his, and Viktor Bout's relationship with US Government agencies. Can the appellant please obtain competent counsel here, and stop relying upon itinerant jailhouse lawyers for advice ?

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