Wednesday, January 22, 2020


A number of suspicious factors regarding the Grenada Sustainable Aquaculture (GSA) $18m scandal leads us to ask the most critical question of all: was the GSA money used for terrorist financing purposes ? The singular lack of answers, regarding the disposition of the construction funds paid by investors, which were never applied to the unbuilt project, forces us to objectively raise that issue.

First of all, GSA owner Soren Dawody, of Iraqi Kurdish origin, chose to operate his sales facility in the United Arab Emirates, where transfer to a number of designated Middle East terrorist organizations can be accomplished without fear of discovery by the authorities. Second, Dawody has a long history of working with Iranian nationals. Third, Neither his subsequent venture, the Antigua Sustainable Aquaculture project, or any other venture visible to the public, has benefited from the approximately eighteen million dollars he looted from GSA investment capital.

Therefore, inasmuch as Dawody is studiously avoiding not only his investors, but all other GSA creditors as well, we must ask: where did all that money go, and did it end up in Iran, or in the hands of a global terrorist organization that used this CBI project for financing of its operations ?  Give the complete lack of information from GSA Ltd., we must resume it was a fraud from the start, but who or what was the intended beneficiary ?  

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