Friday, January 24, 2020


World Wise victims seek their money back

If you read our recent article,  Denied US Citizenship, Jamaican $260m Ponzi Schemer & Fraudster, Wanted in Kington, Lives Openly in the USA, you know that Noel Strachan used World Wise Partners as his investment entity. What you don't know is that fraudsters typically employ a number of techniques to lull the victims into trusting them, and placing their hard-earned money in the hands of a criminal.

World Wise was most likely chosen by Strachan because it is deceptively similar to the same name as a number of well-established, legitimate corporations operating around the world. To avoid charges of corporate identity theft, Strachan cleverly separated the title into two parts. The other, prior users of the name use WorldWise or Worldwise.

Not World Wise but Worldwise

We continue to ask aloud why Strachan has not been deported by ICE to face the music in his native Jamaica. The Statute of Limitations is not a defense, as the fraudster has remained outside the jurisdiction, which tolls the operation of the Statute, in my humble opinion. Justice, obviously has not been served yet; but the story is not over.

Not Strachan's World Wise

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