Sunday, September 17, 2017


Vladimir Kokorev, an aging, frail Russian businessman who, with his wife & son, has been held for two years as a material witness in a bogus money laundering and corruption investigation targeting the president of Equatorial Guinea, will be the subject of proceedings before the European Parliament, on September, 28, 2017.

 A Spanish investigative judge, Ana Isabel de Vega Serrano, recently extended Kokorev's material witness custody order for two more years but no evidence or information implicating Kokorev has ever been produced, notwithstanding the demands of Kokorev's counsel, who have accused Spanish business interests of fabricating a criminal case for financial gain in Equatorial Guinea.

The case is considered to be a major human rights violation, by a number of MEP members, who have repeatedly brought it up in the press. The European Parliament hearing,  entitled Justice, Human Rights and Due Process in the EU - The Case of Vladimir Kokorev," will be presided over by MEP Fulvio Martusciello, and will feature testimony by attorneys and experts, and will be open to the press.

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