Tuesday, September 19, 2017


Gary James Lundgren, banned from selling securities for the rest of his life by FINRA*, after a long history of violations, capped by a flat refusal to open his books to the agency, is still thumbing his nose at the American regulator, by selling bonds to Americans, while he resides in the Republic of Panama, an offshore sanctuary, outside the reach of American justice.

Lundgren, who has a long and sordid career involving the sale of suspicious High Yield Investment Products (HYIP), and defrauding expats by stealing their real estate, is believed to have stayed out of the Continental United States for years, due to the fact that there are warrants for his arrest. He is operating as a broker-dealer, but he has no license to sell securities.

Above is a screenshot from one of his websites; note that he is using the name "Interpacific Investors," which was the name of his US firm,  reportedly closed at the insistence of American regulators.

Additionally, Lundgren is acting as a finance company in Panama, though he is not authorized to do so, as he is not licensed to provide financial services. 
* Readers who are not familiar with Mr. Lundgren's case are advised to read our prior blog articles, which detailed the FINRA proceedings against him.

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