Friday, September 15, 2017


Do any Taliban hold Dominica passports ?
 Pakistan, the home of the Taliban and Lashkar-e-Taiba terrorist groups, is one the most dangerous countries on earth. So why does an authorized agent for the sale of economic citizenships (with passports) located in Islamabad, a Pakistani city that is located right near Kashmir and Afghanistan ?

The company is called Reliance Immigration Law Advisers. Ltd., and it is listed on the Dominica CBI website, only it cleverly only shows a Karachi address. The Islamabad office, which sits right in the middle of the world's prime hotspots for terrorism, should have disqualified it for approval as an agent for any Caribbean passport program; so why was it approved ?

There is no website listed on the Dominica government webpage. If you do locate and visit the company's webpage, you will see no mention that it is selling Dominica CBI products, as only UK visas are advertised. The fact that it is an agent for Dominica seems to be a dark secret.

Reliance's website, and name, seems to suggest that it has lawyers on the premises, but nowhere on the website are any qualified attorneys shown, listed, or even hinted at as being on staff.

Minister Francine Baron

The local Dominica agent for Reliance is Caribbean Consulting Services, Ltd., which has been linked to Dominica's Foreign Minister, Francine Baron. As a former Attorney General, we wonder why Ms. Baron would approve of a CBI consultancy with its primary office in Islamabad. Who in Dominica will terminate Reliance's authority to sell CBI ?

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