Friday, July 28, 2017


Anybody looking for Russians ? look no further.

 It appears to have started out as due dligence research upon those American residents who are unbanked; how does one develop a personal or financial profile on customers who have bank accounts ? Second Generation cloud-based databases now look at their Facebook pages, and any other social media sources, which will reveal relevant details for a due diligence investigation, on individuals without any normal data.  Those pages also provide supplemental information on more conventional inquiries.

It is amazing just how many photographs one can access through these Second Generation research tools, confirming business relationships, depicting images of holiday events, and social meetings with clients or customers. They can also uncover social contacts between known criminal elements, and parties who represent themselves to be legitimate businessmen, rendering all the traditional first generation databases, that have been in use since 9/11, obsolete.

Panamanian President Martinelli with David Murcia Guzmán

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