Sunday, July 17, 2016


The question of the week for our readers: which member of the notorious Cayman Gang of Four* is being investigated, in the United States, for the crime of stock manipulation in 2015 and 2016 ? Remember, previous crimes committed by these gangsters do not count.

Whom do you have to choose from ? here are the players:

(1) the Canadian securities trader, Ryan Bateman, presently living in Fort Lauderdale, Florida.

(2) the Isle of Man native, ex-banker, Sharon Lexa Lamb,  keeping a low profile in the Cayman Islands.

(3) The Portuguese fraudster, Fernando Moto Mendes, also hanging out in Grand Cayman.

(4) The disgraced Canadian ex-banker, Derek Buntain, hiding out somewhere in Canada.

We will disclose all the details, on this blog, later this week. Stay tuned.
* Hint: it is NOT the Canadian securities trader, William Tynkaluk, though his insider trading and securities fraud is legendary in the Canadian province of Ontario. Bill Tynkaluk, who has been called in for interviews, several times, by the Ontario Securities Commission, will never be indicted, as the influential Canadian securities industry maintains an iron grip upon the local regulator, the Ontario Securities Commission, so as to avoid any negative publicity about securities crime.

Tynkaluk is, however, a close personal friend of the mystery man we are discussing today. Some people are saying that Bill T is the Fifth Gangster, and the term is so richly deserved, for his crimes and transgressions, committed in support and facilitation of the Gang of Four, surely qualify him as the fifth member of this cabal. Ask all the Canadian pensioners that have been swindled.

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