Tuesday, July 5, 2016


Anyone who now thinks that St Kitts & Nevis has cleaned up it Citizenship by Investment program, and are more prudent with deciding who gets that country's passport, might want to taker a closer look at the individuals who are the representatives of its economic citizenship scheme. Paul Bilzerian, the twice-convicted (fraud) "corporate takeover" specialist, who still owes the Securities & Exchange Commission on a $63m judgment, is one of the reps. Remember, St Kitts does not require a personal appearance to gain a new nationality through disbursal of some of your wealth.

 Bilzerian, who renounced his US citizenship, and resides in St Kitts, and got Roger Ver, an ex-convict who calls himself "Bitcoin Jesus," to also hawk the Citizenship-for-Pay program, is not exactly the perfect individual to explain the program's advantages, because he, like many dodgy individuals, attracts precisely the wrong (read: criminal) type of person to St Kitts. His poker-playing sons, who act more like male versions of the Kardassians, are reportedly also Kittitians-through-cash-payment.

I really do not care that America's white-collar criminals lionize Paul Bilzerian, for his dubious (and illegal) accomplishments. He is the last person any reputable economic citizenship program should engage to promote its brand. It sends the wrong message to any legitimate investor looking to obtain a secondary passport.

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