Sunday, July 24, 2016


Cayman Gang of Four ringleader, Sharon Lexa Lamb has fled Grand Cayman; efforts to locate her anywhere in the Cayman Islands have proven fruitless. While she may have quietly made passage to the Republic of Cuba, where she obtained residency last year, through a marriage of convenience, her exact whereabouts are unknown.

Miss Lamb may have fled ahead of the release of damaging disclosures, in the liquidation proceedings involving the defunct shell company, B & C Capital, Ltd., to the effect that B & C was insolvent. at the time that Lamb, and Dundee Bank President, Derek Hedley Longworth Buntain, illegally transferred millions of dollars of client money to the company.

 As the Senior Vice President of Dundee Bank, at that time, Lamb breached her fiduciary duties, when she processed the transfers, and she is a defendant in a civil suit presently pending before the Grand Court. She is also a person of interest in other civil suits, pending elsewhere, and the subject of a criminal investigation.

Sources in the Isle of Man, Lamb's country of origin, have not seen her recently on the island. One source in Grand Cayman says she has now returned to the islands, but is in hiding.

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