Friday, July 22, 2016


Bogus Apple store in Mainland China.

Remember those photos of the completely bogus Apple store in Mainland China,. that were making the rounds last year ? Chinese consumers thought that they were getting the real thing, but they were being fed counterfeit iPhones, iPads, and even laptops, some who which actually used the Windows operating system.

A word to the wise about these counterfeits:

(1) NEVER purchase any Apple products, anywhere, unless you obtain them at an authorized Apple reseller or retailer. With all the knockoffs of iPhones, you simply cannot take any shortcuts with these items; reduced prices are probably your first clue, but avoid all other sales outlets.

(2) DO NOT buy any Apple products in China for one cannot verify that you are in a real store that sells Macs.


(3) Remember that the Chinese Government wants total surveillance upon its nationals, and any counterfeit Apple iPhone, iWatch, or computer or tablet, may have spyware embedded in it, from the factory, which is probably cooperating with the authorities. What if you had proprietary information stolen from your laptop, by the Chinese Government, and then given to a government-controlled Chinese company, who engineered, built and marketed your products, or sold your trade secrets ?

Do not attempt to save a dollar by shopping online, or in a dodgy clearance store, for a computer or telephone ; you may get more than you bargained for.

Bogus screen on left.

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