Wednesday, July 20, 2016


In the bloody aftermath of the failed coup in Turkey, the Opposition, or what is left of it, after thousands of arrests and detentions, has reportedly stated that it intends to go public with a form of "Turkeyleaks" massive dump of sensitive and classified government documents. Do not minimize the consequences of such an act, should it take place.

Two major pending issues could be further exposed by such disclosures:

(1) Damaging details regarding Turkey as the continuing safe harbor for Hamas, which is using the country as a foreign operating base against Israel. Hamas Money Laundering, and terrorist financing evidence, regarding Turkish banks, if made public, could hurt Turkey in the West.

(2) The Pending Iran sanctions case, against Reza Zarrab, in Federal Court in New York, whereby gold was used to circumvent Iran sanctions, through Turkey. Should evidence that suggests Turkey allowed such a massive evasion program to operate surface, it could prove extremely damaging for Turkey.

The Government of Turkey is apparently taking the threat seriously; it has blocked access, within Turkey, to the Wikileaks website. The company, in response, has advised that it may still be accessed, through proxy servers, or through other means. Whether this is merely an empty threat, or that documents will appear, and severely incriminate the government, is not known, but it should be taken into account, for Country Risk purposes. Opposition elements remain a force to be reckoned with, which includes not just the military, but moderate, secular elements of the population, that fear Turkey is sliding down the hole, into an Islamic state.

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