Wednesday, July 6, 2016


A taxicab driver in Boston found a backpack, left in the back of his cab, contained $187,000, in cash. He immediately turned it in to the Boston Police Department; given the propensity of law enforcement to conduct what are referred to as sting operations, he did the right thing. NYPD is know to leave valuable property items on park benches in New York City, and to collar those who find, and attempt to steal them.

Here's the crazy part of this story: the reputed owner later showed up at the police station, as "proved" that the cash, all $187,000 of it, was his inheritance. The news stated that he had a trust agreement to prove it. Has nobody at the BPD ever taken a class in offshore tax evasion, financial crime, and  money laundering ? what reputable heir to a fortune would take such a hoard of cash out in public, without a guard, and who would remove the same from an interest-bearing bank account, outside of a real estate closing ? The amount of compliance red flags in this fact pattern, for money laundering, are off the charts.

You can't make this stuff up; truth is always stranger than fiction.

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