Saturday, July 9, 2016


Lamb and her Cuban husband; a criminal business partnership, not romance

Readers of the unfolding story of how the Cayman Gang of Four, a group of expats in the financial services industry, defrauded and fleeced retired Canadian pensioners out of their life savings, are familiar with the group's ringleader, Sharon Lexa Lamb. Formerly the Senior Vice President, and director, of Dundee Merchant Bank, she was terminated with prejudice, and though the grounds are confidential, our sources state that Lamb, and her partner in crime, Derek Buntain, stole millions from client accounts.

Derek Buntain, now in hiding in Canada
I have been hearing, from regular readers of this blog, that Lamb, and her family, have engaged in a dirty campaign of disinformation in her native Isle of Man, and her supporters arrogantly proclaiming her innocence. Nothing could be further from the truth, and there have been reports that some of the Manxmen who have discussed the scandal are being threatened. The evidence against her is overwhelming, and criminal charges are expected.

I find this to be censorship of the highest order, and have advised investigators, who are searching for the hundreds of millions of dollars Lamb and her gang stole, to broaden their search to include the Isle of Man, for the "news management" being perpetrated on behalf of Sharon Lamb, may have a darker motive. Did the Cayman Gang of Four hide laundered criminal proceeds in IOM banks ? If so, were local laws violated ? These questions deserve answers.

I do not make these statements lightly, and experienced compliance officers in the Isle of Man are familiar with my reputation, especially those who have been present at my money laundering lectures there, both of which had several hundred attendees, and were covered, and recorded by, local media. I have seen much of the evidence, and it is damning.

A final note, and word to the wise:The fact that some of the victims are US citizens, and that the gang purchased American securities means that she is exposed to American money laundering charges, as is any individual in the Crown Dependencies who aid and abets her movement of dirty cash.

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