Saturday, August 1, 2015


Although nobody wants to publicly admit it, the real reason that Pyramid/Ponzi schemer David Murcia Guzmán was bringing $3bn US Dollars into Panama, rather than simply millions, is because he was artfully combining DMG funds with drug profits, which he was laundering for the Revolutionary Armed Forces of Colombia-EP, more commonly known as the FARC, the Colombian communist insurgency. Murcia, according to eyewitnesses who were offered the cash, couriered in the FARC cash, still wet from the maritime journey, using high-powered racing boats.

The Martinelli administration,  in the Republic of Panama, encouraged the flow of dirty money, as it went directly into a number of local Panama City banks know for asking no questions about source of funds, and beneficial owner of shell corporations. The banks involved are well known, and you can rest assured that the law enforcement agencies of certain countries were able to track wire transfers of dollars into Caribbean and European tax haven jurisdictions, where the trail runs cold, due to the opaque nature of offshore financial centers.

The question is: where are these billions now, as the FARC could conceivably come to an arrangement with the Government of Colombia, and the illicit wealth that the FARC has been accumulating should be repatriated, to help pay the expenses of reintegrating FARC soldiers into the national economy. Will corrupt FARC money managers make off with the money, or will law enforcement agencies with an international reach seize it ?

Perhaps someone in the media should locate David Murcia Guzmán, and ask him. Is Murcia assisting in the recovery of those billions ?

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