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Sharon Lexa Lamb

The $400m scandal involving Bateman Capital and its principals, the fugitive MD, Ryan Bateman, and Fernando Moto Mendes his successor MD, who ran a scam through which Bateman covertly traded funds of over sixty Canadian & American investors, who thought their money was safe in a financial institution, continues to be under criminal investigation in at least three jurisdictions, including the United States and Canada. We have detailed the colorful backgrounds of the Bateman brothers, and Moto Mendez, in previous articles appearing here on this blog*. The Batemans, including Ryan, are now believed to living in Panama City, Republic of Panama.

Ryan Bateman
The most visible figure in the scam appears to be Sharon Lexa Lamb, Senior Vice President in both Dundee Merchant Bank, and Dundee Leeds Management Services, Ltd., who was instrumental in facilitating the illicit, and unauthorized, movement of investor capital to Bateman Financial, where it was deposited into an account under Ryan Bateman's control. Bateman then conducted securities trades with the money, and he & his co-conspirators took all the profits for themselves; Lamb has admitted her involvement to witnesses, and has allegedly asked for immunity from prosecution, which will reportedly not be granted, given the circumstances; Lamb is the primary contact with Ryan Bateman.
Sharon Lexa Lamb and Jose Fernandez Santana
Lamb, who was the direct liaison with the investors, and who made material misrepresentations of fact to them, in response to their inquiries, participated in the scheme, by deceiving the clients, all of whom trusted her, due to her former position at Dundee Bank. The role of her paramour, the Cuban national, José  Fernandez Santana, has not yet been established, but it is under investigation. Fernandez Santana operates a 60' yacht, which regularly travels between the Republic of Cuba, and Grand Cayman, for no apparent reason, and questions have arisen as to whether he is engaged in bulk cash smuggling and money laundering; We invite Sr. Fernandez to respond, on the record.

Lamb & Fernandez Santana on his 60' yacht
An additional player in the scandal is the convicted American money launderer, and ex-Bateman Capital principal, Joshua VanDyk. Much of Van Dyk's court file is sealed, indicating that he may be a cooperating individual, assisting American law enforcement agencies. The fact he is not presently serving any of his 30-month prison sentence in custody, but in a halfway house, is indicative of a major arrangement between VanDyk and law enforcement. VanDyk moved what he believed to be dirty money to the Turks & Caicos Islands, prior to its transfer to Cayman. Was José Fernandez Santana involved in bulk cash smuggling for VanDyk and/or Bateman ? We cannot say, but Fernandez has a key role in the Bateman matter, and it will come out.

Joshua VanDyk
The fraudsters misrepresented, in writing, that Bateman's shell company, B & C Capital, was a financial institution, and that Sharon Lexa Lamb was the servicing agent, through a company controlled by Derek Buntain, also a former officer at Dundee Merchant Bank. Investors, who placed their money through a Canadian financial services firm, assert that their signatures, and initials, have been forged, and documents fraudulently altered. Buntain is also said to be one of the conspirators in the  scheme.

Derek Buntain
Lamb has threatened legal action, should she be named in any articles appearing in this blog, and has arrogantly attempted to extort my silence, by threatening to interfere with the transfer, and return, of investor money, should her name appear here. We do not respond well to threats on this blog, and will continue to expose all the players, as additional facts become known, including the names of all banks involved, and corporate entities outside of the Caribbean, who had a role in the trading scheme.
*Rogues Gallery: the Suspects all Worked at Bateman Capital

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