Sunday, August 16, 2015


The publicity surrounding computer bugs aside, some computer experts are warning the public that Windows Ten has undisclosed issues, and compliance officers should be aware that they could jeopardize the effectiveness of the AML/CFT software installed on their computer systems. These are potential problems, and since it is not known whether they will interfere with your ability to conduct customer identification procedures, is it not better to totally avoid Windows 10 ?

Here are the potential problems, all reportedly contained in the Windows 10 user license agreement:

(1)  Microsoft can remotely disable what are described loosely as pirated programs, or counterfeit software, running on your computer. What is your software providers gives your software that fits either of these categories, and Microsoft disables it ? Will it also affect your AML software ?

(2) The ambiguous language says MS can also disable your hardware, if software is deemed to be counterfeit. Will it result in your loss of your computer ?

(3) There will be NO notices or warnings provided, before Microsoft automatically downloads updates to your software. You will have no ability to reject it, and you will not know that it even happened. Your IT people will tell you that it is possible that updates could possibly damage your other programs, including your anti-money laundering software. Don't you want the option to install or not to install ?

These issues I consider unacceptable for compliance officers, who have a number of programs related to AML compliance on their systems. What if Microsoft's actions ruin or interfere with their operation, or Microsoft disables all or part of your computer ? In my humble opinion, avoid  downloading Windows 10, until these issues are resolved.

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