Monday, August 10, 2015


The American businessman and Panamanian expat,Gary Lundgren, also known as Gary James Lundgren, has demanded that all articles written on this blog, which contain information about his activities in Panama, be deleted. His attorney, Alcides Bartolo Peña Villar*, has stated that, unless all the articles exposing Lundgren's extensive fraudulent activity are removed from the Internet, he will proceed with a bogus criminal case, against third parties.Where I come from, that is known as extortion.

Our articles about Lundgren have dealt with a number of issues, including but not limited to, his laundering of bulk cash from convicted Colombian Ponzi schemer, David Murcia Guzmán, his theft of real estate, and personal property from Canadian & American retirees living in Panama, and his orchestration of the Financial Pacific/Petaquilla Mining insider trading scandal. We will continue to warn investors about his misconduct, so that they not become victims. Lundgren's company is called Interpacific Investors Services, Inc.

Like another infamous Ponzi schemer, Scott Rothstein, Mr. Lundgren has installed new locks on the door to his private office, and his secretary admits that she has instructions to tell all visitors that he is not in. Many investors, who were promised 8% returns on their money, per month, are no longer receiving any payments from Gary; he refuses to see them.

Mr. Lundgren, and Lic. Peña, those articles will not be deleted; find someone else to intimidate.

* Peña, who is known in Panama as "the Fixer," but who is not a member of the attorney's professional association, Colegio Nacional de Abogados de Panama, allegedly facilitates bogus criminal and criminal cases by bribing members of the judiciary, as well as Panamanian prosecutors.

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