Tuesday, August 4, 2015


Readers who have seen yesterday's article, Cayman Company Misrepresented as a Bank to Canadian Investors in forged document, are invited to review the document that contained the misrepresentations of fact, forgeries, and alterations below. It is typical of the forms delivered to the investors whose funds were improperly moved to a non-bank posing as a bank. I have redacted the name of the victim.

Note that, where the form requires the name of the "Beneficiary Bank," the writer has scrawled "B & C Capital, Ltd.," omitting any SWIFT or IBAN Code, and any account number. In the second paragraph,
the "Contact person at Financial Institution," is listed as "Fernando Mendes," which is the incomplete name of Fernando Moto Mendez, whose colorful history we have discussed in previous articles.

   Note on this page that the investors were directed to deliver corporate minute books, and statutory registers to a Service Provider, " but again not at a chartered bank with trust powers. The primary telephone number is the old telephone number of Dundee Merchant Bank, in liquidation, which could mislead investors into believing that they were dealing with the financial institution.

I have not attached the third page, which mysteriously has a type font different from that of the two pages you see where, which is an impossibility, unless it was improperly attached from another instrument. According to the purported signatory, he was neither in Canada, nor in Grand Cayman, on the date ( which was changed, with an initial thereon that does not correspond to the signer's name),  meaning that it was altered; the investors says it is a forgery.

All these points will eventually be assigned to a questioned documents examiner for examination in Canada, and the results turned over to the appropriate law enforcement agency. We do not know, at this stage, who made the fraudulent entries on the document, though they appear to have been made by at least two different individuals. We shall continue to keep out readers informed of al developments as they occur, whether in Grand Cayman, or in Canada. 

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