Sunday, August 9, 2015



Internet investigators scanning web activity have confirmed that Panama's fugitive former president, Ricardo Martinelli, and/or his entourage, are monitoring the unfolding the country's massive corruption scandal from Paraguay. Martinelli purchased an estate in Paraguay prior to the end of his term in office, probably because Paraguay has no extradition treaty with Panama. he is believed to have gone there in January, when the first corruption scandal erupted; any news you may have read that said he was in thr United States, writing his memoirs, was disinformation.

Martinelli may have eluded the long arm of justice for the time being, but rumors state that he is the target of recovery agents, otherwise known as bounty hunters, who have reportedly been promised a suitable reward for his capture and delivery. The question remains, however: are these individuals working for the Republic of Panama, Canada, or the United States ? All three countries have nationals that were victims of the insider trading scandal known as Financial Pacific/Petaquilla Mining Ltd.

Sr. Martinelli should not get too comfortable in Paraguay, for the uproar over his twenty-one pending criminal cases in Panama continues to grow.

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