Wednesday, June 17, 2015


If you have never been to San Marino, the view from the top is something to see
When the list of the top ten countries, where the residents live longer than the rest of us came out, I noticed something strange: six of the ten are tax haven jurisdictions (or offshore financial centers, as they like to be called). What is it about these places that promote a longer lifespan ?

Here are the offshore financial centers on the list:

1. Monaco
2. Macau
3. San Marino
4. Andorra
5. Switzerland
6. Guernsey

My personal opinion, based upon my visits to dozens of the world's tax havens:
(A) Residents of these countries and territories do not have a tough commute to work.
(B) These are not urban areas with concentrated populations.
(C) Environmental dangers are not present.
(D) Their work schedule, while responsible, is not a frantic, crazy, New York City eighty hours a week schedule. These people do not work weekends.
(E) Balance between work and home life is more normal than urban lifestyles.

A more intangible aspect: by and large, the residents of these places are happy about where they live. Of course, the fact that some of them are earning a substantial amount of money from participating in tax haven activities may also add to their happiness quotient, and therefore, their lifespan.

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