Thursday, June 4, 2015


Readers of this blog have learned that, in Panama, the American businessman Gary James Lundgren has a long and sordid history of perpetrating fraud and forgery upon unsuspecting foreigners, which has made him a wealthy man, but the additional dangers that he presents to female investors are more physical than they are financial. Lundgren is a dangerous sexual predator, ladies, and you are well advised that, if you must meet with him, kindly bring along a strong male friend, to run interference for you, and protect you.

Lundgren, who has a history of sexual harassment. and inappropriate physical contact in the United States, which resulted in a substantial fine, as well as attorneys' fees, in the State of Washington*, is believed to have relocated to the Republic of Panama, fleeing additional sexual charges. Arriving without any assets, his contact with darker elements of the Colombian underground "economy" soon resulted in his immediate affluence, and he has acquired a reputation as a money launderer, verified by eyewitnesses in Panama.

There is a long list of single, and unescorted females in Panama who have accused Lundgren of everything from fondling them, to rape, but the Panamanian police, who rarely arrest sexual battery offenders without eyewitness verification of the crime, have turned away his victims for years. Also, his sleazy Panama City attorney, Alcides Bartolo Peña Villar*, has bribed many a judge and prosecutor for his client, to ensure that Lundgren will escape responsibility for any criminal charges that are reported to the authorities, and to dismiss any that are reported.

In one case Lundgren repeatedly attempted to attack a lone businesswoman, who was seeking a loan, and if not for the intervention of others, he would certainly have committed sexual battery upon her. When he did not get his way, he charged her an interest rate in excess of twenty per cent. He also repeatedly delayed granting loan, while he persisted in his unwanted advances, some of which were abrupt and physical; there is no romance involved.

Other victims have reportedly been paid to ensure their silence, or afforded employment, through Lundgren's efforts, to prevent them from reporting him to law enforcement. Some of these women have been telling their stories to attorneys, and you can expect to see civil suits filed shortly.

You are advised to invest in securities or real estate, or to lease office or residential space, from other, more legitimate parties, as he is believed to be under criminal investigation in the United States, by multiple agencies. So long as he remains in Panama, steer clear of Gary Lundgren, or any of the companies that he controls, lest you become his next victim.
*Fraudster in Panama has History as Sexual Predator
** Notwithstanding that he is a licensed attorney in the Republic of Panama, I cannot find a single picture of Peña in the society, professional or business print media, and he has a reputation of refusing to allow his picture to be taken at a social or public event.  

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