Wednesday, June 10, 2015


Remember the John le Carré classic, the Tailor of Panama ? In that tale, an intelligence source, working in Panama, fed ficticious information about a nonexistent conspiracy to his spymasters, with disastrous results. It appears that the exact opposite has been the case in the Republic of Panama, for past several years, and the information obtained is about to bear fruit.

 Two expats, living in Panama City, have been acting as whistleblowers, delivering intelligence, about the rampant corruption among the country's government officials, and in its banks, to the United States and Canada. Acting on their own, but with the authority of certain agencies, they have documented the criminal activities which have become common in Panama.

Reliable sources have reported that these whistleblowers have made video and audio recordings, taken photographs, and collected physical evidence, implicating senior PEPs, and their bankers. Rumors have swirled around Panama of late that there will be multiple criminal indictments, filed in courts in North America, against many of the targets, and some of those individuals did abruptly leave Panama the moment that the Martinelli government left power. Others are known to have withdrawn from the Panamanian social scene completely, and have not been seen in public; whether they have now also fled is not known.

Don't be surprised to see news of the arrest of a number of prominent PEPs, all formerly ministers in the Martinelli Cabinet, but the important thing is that they will not be tried in Panama's corrupt court system, but in Miami, Washington, Toronto, or Ottawa.

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