Thursday, June 25, 2015


If you do not yet have a sense of just how corrupt Panama's former Superintendent of Banking, Alberto Diamond R was, while in office, what is now surfacing, since he fled Panama, ahead of the Anti-Corruption Prosecutor, should convince you. Victims are now coming forward; some them are licensed attorneys in Panama City; others are business owners working in Panama.

The gist of their complaints: they all had existing bank accounts summarily closed, on the orders of Superintendent Diamond, for no legitimate reason. When they contacted Diamond to correct the situation, they were told that they would have to pay a large bribe to him, between ($10,000-50,000), if they wanted to have their accounts reopened.

Some victims flatly refused, and as the consequence, are now forced to maintain their business accounts outside the Republic of Panama. Others have left Panama in disgust. Still others have mysteriously has their business licenses revoked, and were forced to close up.

If the Government of Panama does not now find this loathsome criminal,  extradite him, try and convict him, and send him to El Renacer Prison for the rest of his life, then the so-called reform program has failed  the people. The victims deserve no less.

Additional note: To all those spin doctors who have complained when I exposed Diamond's playboy son, Alberto Diamond Martinez, as the holder of a portion of his father's bribes & kickbacks, I challenge you to show me any evidence that proves the son ever earned anywhere close to the value of the luxury real estate properties titled in his name, and the names of companies that he controls, and don't forget his six figure automobile.

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  1. needless to say he had his free ride in the presidential plane ( legacy 600) also know for its high end prostitution parties in the skies, for a knee surgery in the USA, dis his Papacito ,pay the bill , I doubt it .


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