Friday, September 5, 2014


From time to time, compliance officers ask me whether there is a comprehensive guide to money laundering and financial crime, that one can use for ready reference. They want something that can sit on their desk, but not an ebook, that they can refer to for quick answers to financial crime, especially money laundering, questions.

 I am aware of one, published in the United Kingdom, and which has now become available in the US. It is entitled Financial Crime and Money Laundering, written by Robert J Souster, a former banker who is well-known as a lecturer and examiner, and who is affiliated with the Chartered Banker Institute.

The Table of Contents best illustrates the scope of the book's coverage:

1.   Introduction to Financial Crime.
2.   Legal Framework.
3.   Forgery.
4.   Theft.
5.   Fraud.
6.   Crime and Information Technology.
7.   Money Laundering.
8.   Putting Money Laundering Policies into Practice.
9.   Crime in Financial Markets.
10. Control Systems and Audit: Internal Control.

Each chapter guides the reader through the elements of the crime, and the red flags that assist in identifying the specific varieties. It explains how to discover and prevent the crime, covers reporting issues, details what your responsibilities are, and tell you how to respond. The use of bullet points enables the reader to quickly find the needed material.

Terms that you need to know, called key words, appear at the end of each chapter, to confirm your knowledge, and there is a glossary. Questions are sprinkled throughout the book, with answers in the back.

To summarize, the book covers:
(A) The nature of the main forms of white-collar crime activity.
(B) How they are perpetrated.
(C) How you can identify them, and take steps to reduce their effects.

If you need a reliable desktop reference, I recommend it. I am not in any way affiliated with the US distributors, but I have secured a professional discount for our readers. You can get 20% off by using discount code FCML4. The link to purchase is:

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