Sunday, September 28, 2014


It would appear, according to the best sources, that the Islamist terrorist group, Boko Haram, owes its funding to prominent Nigerian businessmen and PEPs. These individuals are reportedly funding the purchase of most of the organization's arms, ammunition, equipment and uniforms. 

The route that the terrorist financing takes is said to be:
(1) Funds are delivered by the funding parties to the Central Bank of Nigeria.
(2) the CBN transfers the money to accounts located in Cairo, where a well-connected Nigerian national, with jihadist links, purchases the arms, which are then shipped to BH.
(3) Alternatively, motor vehicles are purchased, and shipped to Benin, and transported into Nigeria, where they are sold at a reduced price, giving BH the cash it needs.   

One wonders why one does not see any visible international law enforcement efforts to interdict the efforts of those who are providing material support to Boko Haram. Neither the United States nor the UK has come out and discussed any ongoing programs to suppress terrorist financing to BH, and it is doubtful that Nigerian authorities will identify the senior PEPs involved. 

We know that BH also derives some of its income from illicit business matters inside Nigeria, and we intend to cover these in upcoming articles, but we ask the question: since the funding pipeline is known, as if the identity of the Nigerian arms trafficker who is the BH purchasing agent in Cairo, why haven't the Egyptian authorities, (with Western assistance if necessary), shut it down ?

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